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Yachting in the Bahamas - Yacht Truth

Yachting in the Bahamas

By on May 27, 2016

Here we publish our favorite places to visit in some of the best boating destinations in the world. The Bahamas is unrivaled for quiet anchorages with the clearest crystal blue water ideal for wildlife interactions.


What makes Bimini such a popular Bahamas destination? Proximity! With only 55 miles separating it from Miami this is the ideal spot for a weekend or even a day trip. We have even been know to go for lunch on a fast center console with the trip taking a mere 45 minutes in the right conditions. Jet skiing over if even a common practice when the wind speed shows 1 or 2 mph for any extended period of time.


Nassau is by far the most developed island in the Bahamas with lots of resorts and restaurants for those looking for civilization. With over 70% of the entire Bahamian population living in Nassau this is the place to pickup parts and supplies for voyages to the out islands and the best place to fly in and out your guests.

The Exumas

This is our favorite place in the Bahamas for its balance between civilization and yet lots of secluded anchorages that give the true feeling of escape. The marinas are all teaming with wildlife and the locals are friendly and used to the needs of boaters.

More coming soon…

Bahamas Basic Map