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Yachting Apps and Software - Yacht Truth

Yachting Apps and Software

By on June 27, 2016

Here we provide our favorite apps and software for a better yachting experience™. Check back often as we continue to populate our list of most used apps. Full disclosure, we use apple products and have limited experience with Android and other operating systems.


Windfinder is a great app originally created for kite surfers to find wind while we use it to find the lack thereof. The superforecast is especially useful as any app that predicts anything further than a few days ahead is really only guessing.

garmin bluechart

The Garmin Bluechart app is great as a backup and quick reference guide while navigating. We like to cross reference charts to confirm accuracy and this one works great and updates easily on all our apple devices. The app is free but the charts cost depending on your requirements.

buoydata app

Buoydata allows the user to login in real time to any passing ships and active buoys to get real world conditions. A great tool to cross reference what your weather program is telling you.

Navionics Icon

Navionics has an app for most smartphones and although not as intuitive as the Garmin app it is always good to cross reference different charts to improve accuracy. Navionics also has more comprehensive coverage for regions less traveled such as smaller lakes and inshore waterways.


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