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About Us - Yacht Truth

About Us

By on June 20, 2016

Stop being taken advantage of! Contact us to see how we can make your yachting experience better. Nothing to lose, only to gain.

YachtTruth.com was created out of the frustration of witnessing an industry so greedy and shortsighted that it severely limits its own growth. Smooth talking yacht brokers and boatless yacht dealerships continue to make exorbitant commissions by taking advantage of their clients trust. We are revolutionizing yacht acquisition and ownership for a certain type of client by providing several advantages such as a proven track record of return on investment rather than depreciation. Over 80% of vessels have returned 30% or more of profit to their owners and the remaining less than 20% at least broke even. We will gladly provide our entire ROI portfolio upon request including complete verifiable vessel information including purchase and sale prices upon completion of a simple non-disclosure agreement. Of course results are never guaranteed and maintenance and running costs will still be a real part of the yachting experience.

  • Make money with your next yacht or at the very least stop losing
  • Reduce or even eliminate broker fees
  • Get advice from actual boaters who spend their lives on yachts
  • We provide efficient problem resolution for your crew and regularly perform “miracles”
  • Cost reductions on everything from the ship yard to dockage
  • Extensive yachting knowledge for a better experience on the water

Our Fees:

We provide our services entirely for free! By using our services we guarantee you significant savings on everything from broker fees and paperwork to service and maintenance costs. In return we ask for 50% of the profits from the sale of the vessel and although flexible we ideally want to sell within a couple of  years from purchase. However, you ultimately have the final word on whether to sell or not.

Our Clients:

If there is a “catch” it is that we are not suited for all types of buyers and although we will gladly provide guidance and information to all potential yacht owners our services success is based on not making emotional purchases or requiring financing. Below is a summary of some basic criteria for client eligibility to benefit from our services.

  • Vessel acquisition must be free of any leans or financing
  • Vessel selection should be somewhat flexible as condition and value trump options and color
  • We deal directly with buyer or buyer’s personal assistant
  • Owners should keep their vessel mechanically sound and an agreed upon maintenance budget adhered to

Our Experience:

The Yacht Truth team consists of lifetime boaters who continue to spend the majority of their time on the water. We are career yacht brokers, captains and charter specialists with a continued passion for the water with the resources to constantly test and compare boats and yachts of all sizes to form concrete opinions unlike the current status quo in print and online. The limited amount of companies actually providing test boats has reviewers praising everything they can thankfully get their hands on. If you follow any of the larger publications it borders on embarrassing how similar each review reads on vastly different quality manufacturers.

Azimut 86S Beached

We took this picture in the Bahamas with our Azimut 86S beached on Iguana Cay